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Experience and tradition in glass manufacturing

Murano Glam Artisan Glassmakers operates in the lighting and furniture sector with a reputation for great passion and decades of experience. We offer a wide range of items in Murano glass, all handmade by master glassmakers, and ranging from artistic, blown glassware to lampworking.

vetreria artistica


We use innovative technologies and qualified personnel to offer our customers versatility and standard items.


Both in a classic and contemporary way, our products explore and reproduce the ancient techniques of artistic Murano glass processing.

attrezzi della fornace
fornace del vetro di murano


We can also produce specially designed items and third party designs. We offer items for furniture and the table, lighting components, jewelry, wedding favors and gift items in general.

We are particularly specialized in processing:

All the components of the works such as murrine, canes and various glass tiles are produced by us, thus ensuring the maximum originality and variety of traditional, vintage and contemporary color themes.