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Items in Murano glass

Production and sale

Vases, ornaments, and other items are finely processed with the knowledge, imagination and technical dexterity of our glassmakers.

Valuable pieces are manufactured with traditional Murano glass patterns and decorated entirely by hand.

Lamps made of Murano glass, coloured glass plates, wall or table clocks, candle holders, favors, and animals are just some of the furnishing accessories that you will find at Murano Glam.


Gift ideas in Murano glass

Many of our items can become a very appreciated gift and if you don’t find what you want we can try to make it exclusively for you.

We pay particular attention to wedding favors, making available a wide range of items alongside the most important objects created in the furnace, such as original glasses, simple glasses, and glasses made with lamp work, with the versatility of our Murano glass flowers.

We can also expressly make corporate gifts by studying together the object that best represents you.


Chandeliers and suspension lights in blown glass

Our lighting objects come out of the concept of traditional chandeliers and dress the light point with the incredible chromatic variety of Murano glass.

For this reason, rather than lamps we prefer to call them lighting objects that can simply underline an atmosphere or become protagonists in the furniture.

We mainly make pendants, wall and table lamps.
Everything is customizable and we can create works on commission with customer drawings, even supplying only the glass components.



When we think of furnishing our home with Murano glass table accessories, we often think of a fragile object, often too valuable to be part of our daily lives or too elegant for modern environments.

Instead, Murano Glam offers its customers table accessories which are able to fit into the modern context. Tableware in handmade glass and hand blown, with absolutely contemporary geometry and refined designs.
Sets of glasses, jugs, and dishes that are both practical and have personality.


We are particularly oriented on the creation of the typical “goto” glass with various shapes and decorations. It is often called “goto de fornasa” because traditionally the glassmakers personalized it to be able to distinguish it and use it for drinking while working or even leave it in the favorite tavern and use it exclusively.

For the decorative motifs, “spots” are used, basically ground glass in various grains, murrine, colored reeds, filigree and zanfirico.

With special molds it is possible to create the straight or spiral “rigadin” called “twisted”. Create regular bubbles or lozenges with the “balotòn” mold.

We can apply pure gold or silver both on the external surface of the glass and inside the wall of the object, “jacked” it, that is, covering it with a layer of the same glass.
we can “throw” that is to apply hot colored glass threads.

Or create a small base, a plinth on which the glass called “sciàmbola” rests. We can apply even small quantities of glass and with a “fraco” punch, for example, obtain a lion’s head.

The glasses are accompanied by bottles and carafes always made by hand and in relation to the various designs, as well as bowls and cups.


Murano glass jewellery

Murano Glam combines contemporary design with the more refined Murano handcrafted glass tradition, creating glass jewellery characterised by originality, design and quality.

The materials used for our glass costume jewellery, have always been selected to ensure that our customers benefit from the maximum precision and quality of the Made in Italy brand.

Our huge selection of jewellery includes necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings and jewellery sets, with unique shapes, colours and shades.