Murano glass favors are a unique gift, a keepsake that allows you to give something handmade and personalized that will last a lifetime.

bomboniere in vetro di Murano

For the most important event of your life you need a unique memory to leave for your guests.

Very often we fall back into banality or have no ideas on how to surprise your guests by making the wedding event an indelible memory.

Don’t worry, here we are at Murano Glam!

Murano glass favors are the best choice if you want to give an object that does not fall into oblivion of common choices, but that has an indescribable impact on the guests.

Moreover, the Murano glass favors are not objects that end their use at the end of the wedding, but are real objects of furniture.

fermacarte in vetro di Murano
vetro di murano frutta

Murano glass favors can be designed according to the theme and activities of the wedding. They can also serve as decorations or gifts for guests on their tables during the reception.

Murano glass is an Italian glassmaking tradition that dates back to the 14th century.

It is known for its colorful style and intricate designs, made using traditional methods such as blowing glass into reeds before cutting them into smaller pieces with sharp blades to create intricate designs or patterns for decorative use (e.g., as jewelry, small animals, figurines or special shapes of your choice).

Deciding for Murano glass favors is to give your guests a work of art, an object that encompasses hundreds of years of history and art.

animaletti in vetro di murano
piantine in vetro di murano
fiori ambra in vetro di murano

Ok, that’s an interesting idea, how can we proceed?

If the idea of ​​making your own Murano glass favors appeals to you, you are already well underway!

Here is the procedure:

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