Laguna Corallo, set of 6 glasses in Murano glass


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Set of 6 Murano glasses


Drink glass Laguna series.

Mouth blown submerged glass and free hand blown.

In different colors with silver leaf on top, large spots and murrine.

Silver is added to the glass base and over the glass paste colors with large spots and some colored murrine.

Everything is encased with transparent glass, so that the silver does not oxidize when it does not come into contact with the air and always remains bright.

Entirely handmade.

The bottom of the glasses is deliberately left “imperfect” with the prop, an unequivocal sign that the object is opened by hand.

The sizes and colors may not exactly match the photo as each piece is unique in execution.

COLOR: coral

MEASUREMENTS: height 13 cm width 8×8 cm

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