Rialto, Set of 6 Murano Drinking Glasses


Set of 6 Murano Drinking Glasses


Rialto series soft drink glasses assorted colors. Mouth-blown glass and worked freehand with “pushes” that make it pleasantly irregular.
Crystal color with small spots of glass and colored murrine on top, all applied hot during the external realization of the glass.

Entirely handmade.

Transparent color mixed with small spots of glass and colored murrine in variable proportions.
The bottom of the glasses is deliberately “imperfect” with the prop, an unequivocal sign that the object is opened by hand.

Measurements and colors may not exactly match the photo as each piece is unique in execution.

• Dimensions (in): W 3.15 x D 3.15 x H 4.72
• Dimensions (cm): W 8 x D 8 x H 12

How are they made?

The particular chromatic effects of these glasses are obtained with a hot coloring practiced in Murano since the Thirties.

The procedure is as follows:

On the “bronzìn”, a perfectly smooth metal plate so called because it was formerly made of bronze, glass flakes are placed in various colors.

The “master” or his assistant “servant” takes from the oven “lever” with a blow pipe the amount of glass needed to blow the glass.

With this glass the shards of glass are collected on the “bronzìn” which melt and stick to the hot surface.

The movement of passing the vitreous mass over the bronzino is called “marmorizzàr”, a memory of when a marble slab was used instead of the “bronzìn”.

By varying the diameter and the colors of the glass splinters, various decorative motifs are obtained, often expanding they take on the appearance of spots of color and this technique is called “macie” in jargon.

All this is enriched by the presence of “millefiori murrine” also these hot additions.

After opening the mouth of the glass, the master hits the hot walls of the glass with the head of the “bag”, creating “pache” hollows that move the line of the “goto” as the glass comes in the furnace.

With these techniques wisely used by the master each piece becomes unique in shape and variety of colors.
We gave the collection the name Rialto because it recalled the polychrome variety of the Venice market stalls par excellence.

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