Some useful tips before buying a Murano glass

murano glass

Buyer beware—the art of Murano glass is famous all over the world and is subject to many frauds and counterfeits. It often happens that stores, art galleries, and websites sell objects that are passed off as original Murano glass, which causes a major damage to the artistic productions of Murano and fans who believe they are buying a unique and valuable product. Instead, they find themselves holding a common glass object often produced industrially or at low cost in Eastern European countries or China. How can you recognize an original Murano glass?

The legal purchase of Murano glass must be accompanied by a specific sales voucher, which will have to indicate specifically that the purchased object is an original Murano glass and must also contain a number which is the same as that written on the object you are about to buy.

Most of the original Murano glass has on its surface the special trademark called Vetro Artistico® Murano, which certifies that it is an original product made in Venice and only in Venice. The logo is visible from the outside and can be represented in different ways depending on the shapes or surfaces of the object; if there are no logos, you can ask for other documents that certify authenticity, such as certificates or cards of guarantee.

If you know how to recognize a blown glass object and can appreciate its quality, you can ask for information about the producers who work in Murano (there are over 100 companies), perhaps looking at some catalogs or websites that offer original pieces produced by real craftsmen with years of experience in this art. In addition, it is good to know that many souvenir shops sell products made by craftsmen on commission and not by them directly.

Murano glass is one of the most famous arts in the world, which has been handed down for centuries. The techniques and furnaces used by the artisans are unique, as well as the artistic creations. Murano glass is made of borosilicate glass, an extremely fine and almost transparent material that gives it a unique brilliance and lightness. The transparency of Murano glass makes it unique: no other glass in the world can boast such a high degree of purity and clarity.

The shape, weight and color are also factors that distinguish Murano glass from common industrial objects. The shape, for example, may appear irregular or asymmetrical due to the manual processing; the weight is another factor that distinguishes original Murano glass from those made with cheap materials. In addition, Murano glass maintains constant temperatures better than other objects, so when you touch an object made of Murano glass you will feel a constant temperature even if you have just taken it out of an ice box or oven.

Another important factor is the signature: all authentic Murano glass bears an embossed trademark on its base which certifies its origin and quality. You can know with certainty whether your object is original if it has this mark or not.

In conclusion, the most important thing is to carry out a careful search with competent and specialized personnel, skilled in recognizing and detecting the smallest detail of the authenticity of the work. We have briefly reviewed the most common tips of Murano glass, but surely many are still overlooking. If you know other important tips to enhance your knowledge before buying your beloved Murano glass object, please leave your comment below!

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