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Murano glass tools

Borsella fur cutting

The tools of the master glassmaker of Murano can be many and even the most disparate. It is not necessarily the case that a master invents a special tool for particular creations.

However, below we briefly list the instruments most used by maestro Francesco Salvadori.

This is a museum piece, it is a 20th century machine for cutting canes, murrine and mosaic.


They are used to model, open (widen the mouth) or shear (detach from the barrel) the pèa, i.e. the outline of the blown object.

BORSELLE of various types.

Straight Rigate, herringbone, from pisegàr, to jealousy, three gàtoli, from òci etc. They are used to shape glass.


Metal surface, once made of bronze, which serves for marbling (the surface could also be in marble) that is to cool and give the right shape to the pèa (the molten glass “lifted” i.e. collected from the oven).


In steel of various thicknesses and lengths, perforated for blowing or solid. They are used to “remove” collect the glass from the oven or other various functions in the working process.


They are used when the molten glass is removed from the oven (for example to change color) and placed in special metal containers called CONCHE.  


They are used to take measurements of the piece to be made.

 FRACO or Punch

They are used to imprint the image into the hot glass which will be in relief.

PARCIOFO or pagiofo

They are used to open the mouth of vases or dishes.


They are used to shape glass.


They are used to imprint ribs into the glass object.


The Master’s station


Rigadìn and Balotòn to obtain various effects on the glass surface.


Bellows. They are used to blow inside the object to shape it.


Cutting. In the furnace we don’t talk about scissors but about tagiànti. They are obviously used to cut glass.


Variant of TAGIANTE


To insert gold or silver into glass, first of all the metals must be pure, i.e. 24 kt gold and 1000 silver.

A kind of wardrobe or cabin jokingly called “confessional” is used because the metal leaves, especially gold, are very thin and fly away at the slightest breath of wind


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